Graduates [noun]

Definition of Graduates:

person who completes education, pursuit

Synonyms of Graduates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graduates:

Sentence/Example of Graduates:

Jiménez said she moved to Tijuana around 12 years ago after she graduated from high school.

Finally, Ken Wilson — a former graduate student of Gell-Mann with feet in the worlds of both particle physics and condensed matter — united the ideas of Gell-Mann and Low with those of Kadanoff.

Of the 180 graduates of the program, 172 are still actively pursuing their businesses as of last year.

They’ve now graduated to a different school that predates the Mussolini years.

About six years ago, food microbiologist David Mills of the University of California, Davis and graduate student Nicholas Bokulich, now a food microbiologist at ETH Zurich, discovered that groups of microbes may help shape the flavor of wine.

About a year after graduating from college, I packed my possessions into a rental van I’d split with a near stranger and departed my home state of Ohio.

As a graduate student at Imperial College London, Matthews had made an unexpected discovery when she separated the mice in her experiments from one another.

Ultimately, 97 percent of his four-year players graduated from Georgetown.

Many of the young business school graduates who flocked there to work for companies being incubated by Rocket have gone on to found their own technology startups or became local venture capitalists.

A graduate of Gonzaga High School and Georgetown University, he later went on to teach English at Gonzaga and was instrumental in making the drama department what it is today.