Grandmother [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grandmother:

My grandmother was a great cook and she only let me and my cousin Patricia help her.

So today, when I finally got to hold the flute in my hands, I felt like it was my grandmother again.

One chief told me how his grandmother took his mother out to the wilderness for a year so that she would be safe.

This was not the old-school, traditional funeral home that you think of with grandmother in the lilac suit, in polyester, with the silken sheets around her and all the flowers.

Eighteen-year-old Stella, known as Lala to all but her grandmother Wilma, is about to give birth to her first child.

There, he’s inherited a swath of land from his grandmother, whose sole request was that he convert to Mormonism.

His parents, grandmother, uncles, older brother and hometown friends in Havlickuv Brod were all watching.

If it’s good enough for my grandmother, it’s good enough for you.

Rogers kept the piano, a display of his grandmother’s early faith in him, for the rest of his life.

The family has not spoken with the media, and the latest request from the Daily Star and ProPublica was rejected by the boy’s grandmother.