Hideously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Hideously:

These magic roots have the likeness of a little man, hideously ugly and misshapen in a weird and diabolic fashion.

It was possible, it was more than possible, it was hideously probable that this time she would achieve popularity.

The sight of these amethystine tips affected Eric strangely, much as though he had looked at something hideously repulsive.

He bellows hideously, with a tone much stronger and deeper than that of the bull.

He sprained his ankle on the way down, but he turned up on parade with it next day hideously swollen.

The bad man who had so hideously misgoverned them, felt himself crushed by Cicero's opening speech, and went into voluntary exile.

The animal became hideously frightened, his eyes rolled white, then red.

The men were very short, averaging little more than five feet, with low foreheads and hideously repulsive features.

He is suffering so hideously, and so determinedly, like a fakir.

If they are not mere lumps, their ornament is hideously heavy and protrusive.