Hobbled [verb]

Definition of Hobbled:


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Let go








Sentence/Example of Hobbled:

She had hummed me out at last, and I had tucked Tim's letter in my pocket and hobbled back to the village.

But on my part I had every reason to believe that Tip would show surprise when I hobbled forth from the misty gloom.

One of the horses was hobbled, and they were all eating hungrily the grass that grew along the gully's sides.

The old gentleman hobbled off, and as it proved, never entered the Cathedral again.

He hobbled over and shook Millie by the hands, and the engagement was ratified, to the joy of every one.

As Parpon hastily entered, Madame Degardy hobbled out of the shadow of the trees, and furtively watched the hut.

It had not been so in those early post-bellum years, when Oliver Morton of the iron mace still hobbled on crutches.

We hobbled and side-lined our horses, and kept our guards both day and night; and so we lay here for three days.

Their horses were hobbled, their cook-fires of buffalo "chips" were lit, their wagons backed into a rude stockade.

The ponies we are after will have to be hobbled and got back to camp somehow.