Humiliated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Humiliated:

In long, sometimes angry remarks before the vote, Chase, who is seeking the GOP nomination for governor, accused fellow senators of trying to humiliate her.

We’ve lost dignity, been humiliated, and our honor is in question.

“This is his ineffectual payback for being humiliated by a strong, independent woman,” she wrote.

A more abject, humiliated man than I stand at this hour in my own eyes never yet took his sins upon his soul.

They poured into the ear of the humiliated queen the most revolting and loathsome execrations.

She remembered the many scenes in which her spirit had been humiliated by haughty assumptions.

My failure to accomplish the desired result is grievously exasperating, and I feel deeply humiliated.

I had been humiliated by my elephant, and now being disgusted with my monkey, I took Kari into town again.

Deeply, very deeply, was Brogten humiliated; he felt that his enemies had indeed heaped coals of fire upon his head.

A complete surrender would have humiliated him and his realm in the eyes of the world.