Imperialist [noun]

Definition of Imperialist:

promoting an empire

Synonyms of Imperialist:

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Sentence/Example of Imperialist:

Many a hot argument have we had about Boer and Briton; and I'm afraid he thinks me but a knock-kneed imperialist.

The Venezuela incident and the recent Jubilee ceremonies had fanned imperialist sentiment.

Conservatives and Unionists, almost indistinguishable, were waving the Imperialist banner in the face of the world.

Such, apparently, is the simple doctrine of this typical imperialist.

Yet the imperialist movement in Great Britain never had the authority nor the unanimity it had in Germany.

It was not, however, until 1895 that an imperialist government took office.

After which it embarked upon a long-impending struggle with the persistently imperialist House of Lords.

Such in outline is the story of the imperialist revolutionary movement in Great Britain up to the eve of the great war.

But the Kipling of the last ten years is an Imperialist and a Mechanic, rather than a literary man.

Nobunaga's father, Nobuhide, from his early youth, was an ardent imperialist.