Indigestion [noun]

Definition of Indigestion:

upset stomach

Synonyms of Indigestion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indigestion:


Sentence/Example of Indigestion:

None of these liquids should be taken hot, but lukewarm; when hot they inflame the stomach, and produce indigestion.

Acute indigestion in elderly people is sometimes followed by sudden death.

This gave me much relief, for I felt that if there ever was a cow that deserved to have indigestion it was old Fenceviewer.

On the way there it occurred to him that if Gazelle went on at this rate she would certainly die of indigestion before morning.

I suppose it was a nightmare from indigestion, for this morning I have one of my old vile headaches.

I have an indigestion brought on by too much Alexander Patoff.

Emotional indigestion, I guess—from living too big, before I could take it.

Can it be matter of surprise that the good ladies are constantly complaining of indigestion and mal de estomago?

Much of the indigestion and diarrhœa which attack people during the summer is doubtless due to this kind of poisoning.

Even a simple cold or a spell of indigestion may be accompanied by fever blisters.