Infiltration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Infiltration:

Recent catastrophes, such as active hurricane seasons and the infiltration of the oil industry, have only exacerbated the crisis.

If this had been finished the waters would perhaps have invaded it by infiltration.

Another possible source of loss is the infiltration of small particles of alloy into the cupel.

Old Hadley has become a prototype of what may become general if this racial infiltration is not soon checked.

American ideals and institutions have borne and can bear a great deal of foreign infiltration.

There was very general carbonaceous infiltration throughout the lungs, without excavations to any extent.

Infiltration of water had been observed in the roof of Sansovino's Loggetta where that roof joined the shaft of the Campanile.

In order to remedy the mischief of infiltration it was resolved to remove and replace this projecting ledge.

Mr. Porter thinks that the infiltration had begun thirty years earlier through various channels.

Flamel's muscles were under control, but his face showed the undefinable change produced by the slow infiltration of poison.