Mama [noun]

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The silly traditional example is the mama giraffe stretching her neck to reach food high in trees, resulting in baby giraffes with extra-long necks.

Before I could react, it was too late, and the mama cougar saw me.

While I was backing up, the mama kept swiping at me and doing her little paw thing.

Burgess, who had pulled out his phone, began walking backwards while filming the mama cougar leading him away from her babies, pouncing at him each time he started to crouch or turn away.

Before I back out of our driveway, my mama insists on saying a protective blessing over me.

In the spring of 2019, right before I leave for my writing residency in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, my mama tries to give me a gun.

At times self will arise and cause you to feel that you know some things even better than Mama.

Then she told about the surprise party and about all that had happened, and concluded by asking, "Mama, is it right to dance?"

During the minority of the new ruler of Mahratta the dignity and power of regent were conferred upon the Mama Sahib.

Mrs. Maxa was suddenly interrupted in her thoughts by loud and repeated calls of "Mama, Mama!"