Mediums [noun]

Definition of Mediums:

means, mode

Synonyms of Mediums:

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Sentence/Example of Mediums:

"ALL of father's mediums are that kind," declared Lulie, emphatically.

Of frauds under the name of mediums there has been an abundance.

It won't do to be hasty in condemning the mediums wholesale.

The mediums are so nonchalant while causing these marvels that they fail to convince.

Yes, the newspapers are filled with accounts of mediums exposed.

What's the use of mediums at all if the dead can really come back?

Again, I work only in two mediums, water-color and charcoal.

And he is not alone; there are thousands of mediums, only we do not know them.

Conjurers are no more likely to understand the tricks of the mediums than any other person is.

"They do write, people say, with ouija boards and mediums," she murmured.