Metropolis [noun]

Definition of Metropolis:

major city

Synonyms of Metropolis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Metropolis:


Sentence/Example of Metropolis:

I'll be city-sick the first thing I know, and then I'll make a break for the metropolis.

I was now known by name at every public place in and near the metropolis.

This Maori town may be considered the metropolis of the Ngatewhatua tribe.

You and Beatrix will soon be great moral forces in the metropolis.

From here the first pair of omnibuses in the Metropolis were started on July 4, 1829.

In no other State is the metropolis so much the center of its life as is Denver of Colorado.

Did he leap at night from any of the bridges of the metropolis?

On the wall beside his desk hung a tinted map of the metropolis.

Nowhere at any time has there been a metropolis that so stank to heaven.

Robinson also brought men from Metropolis, Illinois, and from Kankakee.