Mooning [verb]

Definition of Mooning:

dream about; desire

Synonyms of Mooning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mooning:

Sentence/Example of Mooning:

Thus musing and "mooning," he lay down, dressed as he was, and fell asleep.

Thus dreaming and "mooning," he reached the "Fisherman's Home."

"I thought I should find you mooning down here, Peter," said she, sharply.

You must think me very foolish to be mooning about like this.

And Rosemary will be mooning around and not catch them until it is too late.

In mercy to me tell me what you mean, and don't stand there mooning away like that.

If you are mooning about that worthless boy of yours, you had better get over it.

And there go Tom and Ruth mooning off together with fish lines.

You are such a beggar for getting off by yourself and mooning.

"Milly's not mooning; she's making notes, like you," Ian replied, for his wife.