Nationalities [noun]

Definition of Nationalities:

place of birth

Synonyms of Nationalities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nationalities:


Sentence/Example of Nationalities:

They at least will understand that scholarship knows no nationality.

"Don't even know her name or nationality," he confessed to himself after a while.

He once had been friendly with all his intelligent neighbors, no matter what their nationality.

But the simple measure of nationality is severely natural and elemental.

The principle of nationality is emerging from the tortuous confusion of the ages.

They forget, also, that nationality is not a fixed and immovable quantity.

The sense of nationality is but an enlarged sense of personality.

The problems of nationality are wrapped up in the problems of personality.

The varieties of nationality, costume and color are striking in the extreme.

After breakfast was over, however, I got a clue to her nationality.