Citizenship [noun]

Definition of Citizenship:

place of birth

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Sentence/Example of Citizenship:

As well as financial help, over the past two years, Turkey has also granted citizenship to dozens of Hamas members, according to one person briefed on the issue, allowing them to travel without visas to more than 100 countries.

Turkey insists that it never grants citizenship to people with proven links to terrorism or violence.

This week on Deep Tech, she joins our editor-in-chief, Gideon Lichfield, to discuss why backlash from a controversial citizenship bill prompted the government to cut online communications.

The protest was against a controversial citizenship bill that the government planned to introduce.

The second reason is that more of the immigrants who are eligible for citizenship are getting naturalized.

The programs allow foreign nationals to obtain fast-tracked citizenship and passports or permanent residency permits in exchange for specified amounts of cash investments.

The CAA was a scheme to put persecuted minorities who had arrived from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan on a fast track to citizenship—unless they were Muslims, who had to go through the onerous normal channels.

Jason Kenney, the former Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, tried — and failed — to ban niqab in citizenship ceremonies.

When her marital relation ends she may elect to retain her marital or her original citizenship.

In 1855 Congress passed an act conferring citizenship on alien women who should marry American citizens.