Visa [noun]

Definition of Visa:

legal document

Synonyms of Visa:

Opposite/Antonyms of Visa:


Sentence/Example of Visa:

"Morlache's old gray is a passport that requires no visa," said D'Esmonde.

Apparently it mattered not, for the visa was made out and stamped.

But in addition to requiring a visa, my sister wants a new passport.

Then he must go round to the Czecho-Slovak office for a Czechoslovak visa.

So I advised him to get a visa from King Nicholas and to come back to perform his mission, when that visa would be honoured.

If he has, check the foreign consuls here in the city to see if he got a visa.

In Mœso-Gothic it is inflected throughout with -s; as visa, vas, vsum, visans.

I then went to the French ambassador who put his visa on my passport, and I was ready to go by way of France.

Before embarking at a foreign port, your passport must receive the visa of the Spanish consul.

The only visa it bore was that of the American Embassy in London, dated two days previously.