Newborn [noun]

Definition of Newborn:


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Sentence/Example of Newborn:

He felt a sudden lift of the heart, an access of newborn confidence.

“I'll go,” agreed the squire, almost quivering in his newborn eagerness.

He compared himself to a newborn babe coming into the world.

The old, the diseased, and the alcoholic are more apt to succumb, also the newborn.

That she knew not the pangs that usher in The newborn child?

The new year 1826 was indeed a new year to this newborn soul.

And the poet's words are especially applicable to a newborn babe.

How could a week or ten days with Jerry possibly affect my newborn, resolve?

He laughed, and the girl instinctively shuddered with a newborn distrust.

The roar is simply incessant, and yet when off duty we sleep like newborn babes.