Nightdress [noun]

Definition of Nightdress:


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Sentence/Example of Nightdress:

Naomi was already in bed, and Fatimah brought her away in her nightdress.

The first time I saw her she was only three, and she was in her nightdress ready for bed.

Esther, we are told, slipped on her nightdress and got into bed.

Annette was there in her nightdress, looking from side to side like a hunted creature.

Jane wanted hotly to know, "or an angel in a nightdress and a snow scene?"

He put his arm around her and felt that she was in a nightdress.

She was in her nightdress that fell, like hanging water, white through the gloom.

The usher, in nightdress and slippers, was rolling his angry eyes on me.

But the movement of the ruffles on her nightdress showed that she was living and breathing.

She pulled up the end of the rug and found that she was barefooted and in her nightdress.