Outcasts [noun]

Definition of Outcasts:

person who is unwanted, not accepted

Synonyms of Outcasts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Outcasts:

Sentence/Example of Outcasts:

If thou art not, wherefore are the outcasts of the world so dear to thee?

Not that the interest in outcasts is anything new in Spanish literature.

Men and women, old and young, high and low (except the outcasts)--all come.

Most of the criminals and outcasts have been taught in Church Schools.

An outcast of the outcasts he must be, was the common conviction.

La Esmeralda was sleeping at the moment when the outcasts assailed the church.

Notre-Dame was on the point of being taken by storm by the outcasts.

My children are illegitimate; they have no name; outcasts they are.

They are not included—they are outcasts: "put forward your best foot!"

The Alemanni were treated as outcasts, whose very presence was pollution.