Pantry [noun]

Definition of Pantry:

kitchen storage room

Synonyms of Pantry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pantry:


Sentence/Example of Pantry:

Mom Beck had stepped into the pantry for more eggs for the cake she was making.

He paused for a moment, and then, before she had time to go to the pantry, he went on.

"Thy breakfast, Master Fireblaze, is in the pantry," answered the Steward.

So each thrust his sword back into the scabbard and entered the pantry.

And it was Abbe Paparelli who brought him to the pantry with his basket last night.

They got into the pantry window, and took every living thing she had to eat.

"So it is," thought Eve, as she glanced into the pantry and proceeded.

Brown took the bowl from her hands and went to the pantry to get the butter.

It was ten minutes past twelve, sir, by the clock in my pantry.

Merle was in the pantry, with a big apron on, ranging jars of preserves on the shelves.