Parleys [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Parleys:

To begin with, Mrs Merdle is the lady you had the parley with at what's-his-name place.'

Each door and barrier, too, was guarded by soldiers, with whom the brothers had to parley.

Do you two get on as fast as you can and leave us to the parley.

Don't you be listening to a woman's parley, for it's all nonsense.

The servant, after some parley, led him through the house and out at the back door.

There can be no parley, no compromise with the evil thing for which Germany fights.

I may want to parley, and any other messenger from Ruiz, the outlaw, would have his throat cut.'

The Prince let her go and half turned to meet him, but Camille was not inclined to parley.

Cambronne wished to parley with them, but they would not listen to him.

"He was parley vooing with Casimer and bothering him," said Hatch.