Phew [interjection]

Definition of Phew:

my goodness

Synonyms of Phew:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phew:


Sentence/Example of Phew:

Phew, that doesn't sound like our fine lady of the stony heart!

"Phew," said Horse Egan, when a burial-party had taken over the burden.

His meat, what he would sell my customers, what trust me for years, phew!

Don't you know, Richard, when you were untying it at the top of the steps I said 'Phew!

They are one ov the phew who take their house with them, when they go away from home.

Thare are but phew who prefer their iniquity on the haff shell.

He went about his work, and kept out of little pussycat's way, and then, phew!

As he slipped out with his aides the swinging door went "Phew!"

Skookum seemed to think so too, and if he did not say "phew," it was because he did not know how.

"Phew, pheeeww—ph-e-e-e-e-w," was all Rolf could say in answer.