Pillager [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pillager:

The Crown Prince has been pictured as a libertine and a pillager.

I appear as the benefactor, and not as the pillager, of the Indians.

This seems to refer to the profession of brigand and pillager.

Is she a poacher, a pillager of other's property, or a genuine huntress?

You are the Eletto of Aalst, the pillager of cities, and this cannot be swept aside as easily as the dust from the floor.

He had made a pillager's nest for himself, and he died like a pillager, abandoned even by those who were dear to him.

I have buried beloved dead on this journey and I have surrendered all my substance to a pillager.

But go thou to the temple of Minerva the pillager, with victims, having assembled the matrons of distinction.

Several treaties were afterward made with the Chippewa and Pillager Indians, merely changing or reducing their reservation.