Plantation [noun]

Definition of Plantation:

large farm

Synonyms of Plantation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plantation:


Sentence/Example of Plantation:

What was to become of the slaves on this plantation now that the master was dead?

I did not stop to put on my clothes until I had got two or three miles from the plantation.

There was plenty to do on the plantation, and there was no good cause for sending me away.

This was my position on the plantation a short time after school was out for the term.

I told him I belonged to a man by the name of Potts, and that I was going to his plantation.

On going to them I found a resting-place in a fodder-loft, in the horse-lot of the plantation.

Get on him and ride out to my plantation, two miles from here; anybody'll tell you where it is.

What was done in the parlor might be done with divine approbation on every plantation.

When we met again I knew that he--while he did not know that I--had been to Gilmer's plantation.

I was continued in the inspection of this plantation, now become the King's in 1730, as before.