Postcards [noun]

Definition of Postcards:

written communication

Synonyms of Postcards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Postcards:

Sentence/Example of Postcards:

"There's really nothing that a postcard couldn't do," Uncle William said.

"They could have sent a postcard to say they'd got it all right," John replied ruefully.

One of the handful was a postcard with a photograph upon its back.

On Wednesday came a postcard from Jim, himself, demanding information.

But neither mother nor daughter had offered to show her postcard to the other.

With the postcard money we bought a drum for the stovepipe, to serve as an oven.

I was so busy yesterday that I had not a chance of sending you more than a postcard.

If you do not know it, and would care to see it, send me a postcard.

Will you be so kind as to send me a postcard telling me in what kind of station it grows.

I had a postcard from him to-day with a picture of the town hall at Wick on the back of it.