Projector [noun]

Definition of Projector:

film projector

Synonyms of Projector:

Opposite/Antonyms of Projector:


Sentence/Example of Projector:

Up to this day it must be owned no projector has had the smallest success.

He levelled the projector, not at me, but at the on-coming Spawn.

Will any human gunner ever be able to fire an Oman projector?

He was making adjustments on one of the instruments on the projector mount.

The projector barrel was moving, to center its lens on target.

At his direction the room was darkened; and he started the projector.

The projector had been jerked from his hand and lay off to the side.

She stooped over the projector and fumbled with the mechanism.

A good place for us to mount the projector—up there in that tall tower.

To pass the time, she turned the reading films through the projector.