Promiscuity [noun]

Definition of Promiscuity:


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Sentence/Example of Promiscuity:

On every story there was the same destitution, dirt, and promiscuity.

MacLennan maintains the existence of matriarchy in promiscuity, but this is inadmissible.

I asked Strickland if it did not irk him to live in that promiscuity.

The New Race realises that promiscuity is only a lack of taste.

There was promiscuity between all men and women in the same generation.

The very form of invitation must lead to a good deal of promiscuity.

Freedom of love, for them, would be merely license of promiscuity.

I would carry the policy of promiscuity to its logical conclusion.

Why they did this, what harm they saw in their promiscuity, we are not informed.

It is manifest that mother-descent has no connection with a period of promiscuity.