Radiograph [noun]

Definition of Radiograph:

picture of inside a body

Synonyms of Radiograph:

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Sentence/Example of Radiograph:

It has installed a complete hospital, with 200 beds and a radiograph outfit.

No, that radiograph which I have labeled number one is not a copy.

Craig waved the radiograph of the real Watteau as he emphasized his last words.

That is the reason why the white shows through the bodice in the radiograph.

There was no abdominal reaction; the invasion of the abdomen was revealed by the radiograph.

These fragments were removed through an incision before the radiograph was made.

Consequently, the radiograph is projected upon the fluorescent screen and this image is then photographed by the camera.

It is easy, on the contrary, to work the glass in such a way as to prevent any irregularity in the radiograph.

"Radiograph" and its derivatives are equally objectionable as compounds of Latin and Greek.

A radiograph represents all the pigments underneath, also producing effects in proportion to their densities.