Raft [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Raft:

As if he were not capable of controlling a raft or a bonfire!

I have seen a raft built of cedar logs and cedar bark ropes in an hour.

In the name of God, look again, and see in what condition the wretches have got their raft!

Paul then signed to the raft and to the reef, as much as to tell the other to withdraw his party.

After they had a good start the band on the raft began to play.

Pierre and Jacques were already on the raft, so I jumped on.

Gaspard had to carry Veronique and Marie to the middle of the raft, where he made them sit down.

It was the roof of a shed, made of strong boards, and that was floating like a raft.

And in this way I crossed over on the ferry, which was a sort of raft.

Dad says he cal'lates we'll have to build a raft to get to the henhouse on.