Razorback [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Razorback:

Finally I struck a circus, and got an engagement as a razorback.

The mainstay of every farmer, aside from his cornfield, was his litter of razorback hogs.

The razorback has a mind of his own; not instinct, but mind—whatever psychologists may say.

The razorback is a powerful hunter, and it does not require a powerful animal scent to draw the razorback to the trap.

The Razorback range is a very remarkable feature in this part of the country.

The razorback hog recalled early memories to me of the country I knew when I was a boy.

This is not the only way that the razorback gets in his work, and a good bit of work they get in too.

There had been certain portions of the razorback that they did not mean to take along with them.

Pickaninnies, starved dogs, mules, razorback hogs and malaria seemed to thrive along with the willow and pepper trees.

The scrub and "razorback" hogs are very unprofitable, and require an undue amount of food to produce a pound of gain.