Rotundity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rotundity:

That theory, however, was based upon his belief in the rotundity of the earth.

The theory of the rotundity of the earth was not born with Columbus.

What is this, then, but a proof of the rotundity of the earth?

It was more like an elephant in bulk and rotundity than any other creature.

And his person, too, had the rotundity which the ratepayer demands.

The Dutch by the rotundity of their heads and the weakness of the hair.

Its eyes were said to have been of the size (and rotundity) of a Macedonian shield.

Lactantius, with the Bible in his hand, ridiculed the rotundity of the earth.

The traveller was short, but then his rotundity was prodigious.

There were no angles about him anywhere, nothing but rotundity.