Skull [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skull:

Pericles was usually represented with a helmet, to cover the deformity in his skull.

But the man had been only stunned by a bullet that plowed its way across the top of his skull.

Up goes the black flag, and the skull and crossbones to the fore.

"I've a good mind to break that chap's skull," he said to himself as he turned away.

With his own hands he uncovered the bones and skull of some brave warrior.

Ten dollars a week and a broken arm—or a leg or a skull, you can take your choice.

Adjustable extensions on the speakers brought the sound to the bone of the skull.

I shall speak the truth; and you will perhaps crack my skull.

No, not a vestage of the fossil is there, not a skull, not a shinbone.

I ought to let go of him and let him smash his skull down there.