Sob [verb]

Definition of Sob:

cry hard

Synonyms of Sob:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sob:


Sentence/Example of Sob:

Here she began to sob, as she fumbled at the door she could not see to open.

She stopped breathlessly, with a break in her voice that sounded just short of a sob.

It answered with a little exclamation, with a sob following close upon it.

Failing that, she began to sob angrily without any tears in her wide eyes.

And there are some things which are,' he stopped to sob, 'irreconcilable with that, and wound that—wound it deeply.

It was a long, grieving sound, like a sigh—almost like a sob.

He was shaken by so frightful a sob, that Guillaume could not restrain his own tears.

Her voice, which was little more than a whisper, was broken by a sob.

Then he once more began to sob, and all those about him shed tears.

Not a sob, not a convulsive movement, accompanied their flow.