Soluble [adjective]

Definition of Soluble:

capable of disintegration

Synonyms of Soluble:

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Sentence/Example of Soluble:

The lead salts not soluble in ether were decomposed by acid.

The strong compounds of earth and water are not soluble by water, but only by fire.

There is considerable hydrolysis of the lignocellulose to soluble products.

This 'pectin' is therefore a form of soluble lignocellulose.

These are white solids, soluble in water, the latter sparingly so.

All chlorides are soluble save silver and mercurous chlorides.

"From their lightness and transparency, I should imagine that they are soluble in water," I remarked.

Does this indicate that the soluble salts have been washed out?

On an average, about a third of its total nitrogen is soluble in water.

Of its phosphates, on the other hand, only about a fourth are soluble in water.