Steeple [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Steeple:

But the steeple stands foremost, in our thoughts, as well as locally.

House of God, a building with a steeple and a mortgage on it.

But then it came in my head, 'How if the steeple itself should fall?'

Toward the building with half a steeple Mr. Bangs started forthwith.

Come, take that parson's steeple hat and his cloak, and let us be going.

I woke him and asked why the flags were flying on Kilmore steeple.

What, I 'd like to know, do you and I want with that place there with the steeple?

There was a lookout, too, from the steeple, that showed our approach was already known.

It is bound around the hull of ships and lifted into tower and steeple.

It is a cruciform building, and a steeple rises from the centre.