Belfry [noun]

Definition of Belfry:

tower; part of tower

Synonyms of Belfry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belfry:


Sentence/Example of Belfry:

A tablet in the belfry commemorates the ringing of a peal of 726 changes in twenty-six minutes.

The belfry window on each face is divided into three lights with coupled shafts.

From the top of the Belfry one looks down on what is practically a medival city.

The carillon rung from the Belfry, guns were fired, and a ceremony in honour of the event took place in the Htel de Ville.

At each end there is a turret; and the belfry, a square with towers at the corners, rises from the centre of the building.

When the bell of the belfry shall sound to assemble the Commune, anyone who does not attend shall pay a fine of twelve sous.

While the quarryman was speaking, all the bells of the churches of Laon began to chime in with the peals of the belfry.

At intervals the bells of the churches intermitted their clangor, no doubt in the hope of having silenced the belfry.

And these cries, taken up by the crowds, were soon joined by the clangor from the belfry.

Our belfry will be torn down, our seal will be broken, our banner torn and our treasury pilfered.