Strenuously [adverb]

Definition of Strenuously:


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Sentence/Example of Strenuously:

They did not strenuously urge me to return to the bank, and that seemed strange to me.

And if he loses that your uncle would no longer support so strenuously his suit with you.

But there was no time to waste and recruiting was strenuously pushed.

She did not oppose them, at least not strenuously, but she did not encourage them.

The people work all the time, but they refuse to work as strenuously as Americans.

He is too wise for that; and, besides, he is strenuously in earnest about his work.

This is the plea which is insistently and strenuously urged by their defenders.

Oh yes, I will take some myself, since you so strenuously insist upon it.

But, for the first and last time, they strenuously opposed him.

Others in our group had wrestled with the problem as strenuously as I had.