Superciliously [adverb]

Definition of Superciliously:


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Sentence/Example of Superciliously:

"I really cannot answer that question," said Ogden, superciliously.

"Not at all, not at all," said one of the guests, superciliously.

“I am a gentleman, not a chapman,” (a retail tradesman) said Jack, superciliously.

"Our acquaintance was very slight," said Victor superciliously.

"You are really very kind," answered the Countess superciliously.

“You've never been to Central Russia,” says Milburd, superciliously.

"You needn't class me among your friends," said Roswell, superciliously.

"There's a measure in all things," Luzhin went on superciliously.

Im not interested in your endeavors, Nora said superciliously.

Superciliously, her delicate nose in the air, Aurelia looked him over.