Vegetable [noun]

Definition of Vegetable:

edible part of plant

Synonyms of Vegetable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vegetable:


Sentence/Example of Vegetable:

A fruit and vegetable diet seems sufficient in this climate.

The tale of the resources of California—vegetable and mineral—is a fairy-tale.

And this is no doubt as true of animal as of vegetable life.

What is the sun's effect on ice and snow, on vegetable and animal life?

The flower beds were arranged here and there in the vegetable garden.

They are the only vegetable that should be put into cold water.

We cannot live without destroying other lives, animal or vegetable.

It must be—really—yes, the vegetable element is predominant.

The hair sieve will keep back the other vegetable, the flavour of which only is wanted.

Alexander the Great introduced the "vegetable wool" into Europe.