Vessels [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vessels:

He may perhaps be on the eve of starting away by some of the vessels in the port.

As to the stone, it glanced off obliquely and fell midway between the vessels.

From the shields, there is not one of these vessels which hath not knight or baron aboard.

There are ten vessels to-day passing in and out to one in 1880.

At this one of the vessels hailed them, and then after a while, having no reply, hailed them again.

He had gone aboard one of the vessels—a coaster from Boston.

Meantime the weather had cleared, and all the vessels but one had gone from the inlet.

At that time the English cruisers sent in many American vessels as prizes.

It was afterwards reported, that near fifty vessels were wrecked on the Irish coast.

Our vessels were moored about the harbour, and we were all frozen in, as a matter of course.