Antitoxin [noun]

Definition of Antitoxin:

agent for negating the effect of an infection or poison

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Sentence/Example of Antitoxin:

As to the use of antitoxin as a preventive and cure for diphtheria, too much praise cannot be given to that wonderful discovery.

Reliable diphtheria antitoxin, used in proper quantity and early enough, is almost an absolute cure.

If you find a physician opposed to the use of antitoxin this simply means that he is a quack.

The use of antitoxin, which prevents annually many thousands of deaths from diphtheria, does not help us in many other diseases.

Previous to April 1, 1905, there was no official standard for measuring the strength of diphtheria antitoxin.

The machine clicked and Meta jumped as the antitoxin needle stabbed down.

It has been found from experience in hospitals that deaths from diphtheria are largely preventable by early use of antitoxin.

The laboratories of the board of health prepare this antitoxin and supply it fresh for public use.

It is therefore advisable, in a suspected case of diphtheria, to have antitoxin used at once to prevent serious results.

For that reason a physician should always be called because if it is "true" croup antitoxin must be given at once.