Arrear [noun]

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There are some men295 who with an annual revenue of two millions are yearly still five hundred thousand livres in arrears.

However I have had the arrears of rent paid into Fleet street: which leaves a very moderate balance of interest against me.

Three thousand cows, worth as many marks, were offered in discharge of all arrears.

The Kavanaghs were tolerably quiet, ‘and though much in arrears of rent, yet pay it they will and shall.’

At the time of the grant it was intended that the advances should be repaid as soon as the tenants should pay up their arrears.

And in that case what would become of me, and the Territorial, and the money I had advanced, and the arrears due to me?

I shall have twice my wages at the Territorial, be lodged comfortably, five shares in the new bank, and all my arrears paid.

Another moment and he was in her arms, silent, speechless, with long arrears of pent-up emotion.

The act also again provided for the payment of arrears of the civil list, amounting this time to £296,000.

"It pays up all the arrears when you can leave a chunk of happiness behind you as big as that one," he said to himself.