Assignable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Assignable:

This is a conquered city, virtually if not nominally in a state of siege, without assignable period.

But, as no assignable sense has been found for valance, I can only suppose that it is an error for falance or fallance.

Moreover, most cases of squint arise without directly assignable causes.

That the number of sub-divisions is definite and assignable, there being a limit beyond which it cannot be carried.

Some children, however, are liable to attacks of nose-bleed coming on without any assignable causes.

And now I had awakened, without any assignable cause, hours before my usual time.

Tho both of them deviate from this order for assignable reasons, one or the other of them is found following it all the time.

If he had been taken into the Cabinet, he would not have been ejected without assignable reasons nine months later.

In most cases they might be described as laws which define and secure the interests of assignable individuals.

These elements are, a hurt to some assignable person or persons on the one hand, and a demand for punishment on the other.