Asynchronous [adjective]

Definition of Asynchronous:

not occurring at the same time

Synonyms of Asynchronous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Asynchronous:

Sentence/Example of Asynchronous:

During the part of the week that the returning cohort is not in school, the children will spend two days learning remotely, under an asynchronous model in which they study independently without any form of live instruction.

I think people are disengaged in big video meetings — they just go in and multitask, and Slack is great, it’s instant and asynchronous, but… I just don’t see most companies doing distributed work in a text-first way.

I have to meet with leaders across all cross-functional groups, figure out how asynchronous workflows are being used right now, how the leaders wish they were used more.

For example, in order to truly embrace asynchronous work—crucial when teams are not in the same office or time zone—GitLab makes many meetings optional but records and documents everything.

A potential second-order effect, in this case, is a change in the agency workflows — maybe transforming some parts of the creative process into an asynchronous one.

The machine is thus internally synchronous with step counter instructions being asynchronous.

This operation is completely asynchronous and is therefore handled differently than any of the preceding in-out operations.