Athenaeums [noun]

Definition of Athenaeums:

place where records are stored

Synonyms of Athenaeums:

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Sentence/Example of Athenaeums:

The "London Athenaeum" spoke of it as having been described as a "tomahawk sort of satire."

He said I ought to belong to the Athenaeum, and he would propose me, and the committee would elect me as a matter of course.

He used to make his way to the Athenaeum early in the day 264 and go straight to the library.

Edwin was the leading man at the Howard Athenaeum, playing stock pieces and supporting travelling stars.

There is the story of the man who gained admittance to the Athenaeum Library in Boston, although he was not a member.

He helped to found the university of London, of which he was vice-chancellor for twenty years, and also the Athenaeum Club.

The Bishop, more from custom than from any appetite, walked across the Park to the Athenaeum.

We like reading much of it, and the science is incomparably better than in the "Athenaeum."

He had gone up to write at the round table in the library at the Athenaeum, and spread his things all over it.

He said, You would not have been here now having your portrait painted if it had not been for the Athenaeum.