Babbler [noun]

Definition of Babbler:

someone who talks too much

Synonyms of Babbler:

Opposite/Antonyms of Babbler:


Sentence/Example of Babbler:

Figuratively the term is used to designate an empty babbler.

Pisistratus could not feel flattered by passages intended to exhibit his ancestor as a conceited and inopportune old babbler.

The eggs of this cuckoo are blue, but are distinguishable from those of the babbler by their larger size.

When it sees a babbler approaching with food, the cuckoo cries out and flaps its wings vigorously.

Our Yankee, like the Roman babbler, had abundance of time to discourse on fifty different subjects.

If you have kept faith in the past, I see no reason why you should be a babbler in the future.

One yet a babbler, loves and listens to His mother; but no sooner hath free use Of speech, than he doth wish her in her grave.

Compared with a British admiral, Tacitus was a loquacious and copious blabber and babbler.

Will ye hearken to this wild babbler while your king lies dying before your eyes?

The babbler thrushes recall the good old days of ancient Rome when all were for the State and none for a party.