Birdcage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Birdcage:

In one hand she flourished an empty birdcage and in the other what proved to be a tin of enormous hemp seeds.

He saw Smithy's birdcage, walked over to it and stared for a moment quietly at Dicky, the doctor's parakeet.

Large gas shells were creating a cloud near by, and a rumour came that the Germans had broken through at the Birdcage.

A large birdcage swung from a staple in the window and two canaries peered cautiously from their perches at the kitten in her lap.

Westminster Hospital originated in 1715 at a small house in Birdcage Walk from which outdoor relief was administered.

The birds may have occupied a birdcage and stand bought from George Rock, the account for which was settled a year later.

Then her sister rose and took in a birdcage from outside the window, where it had hung, but I had not seen it.

His descendants sometimes used the birdcage crest, in remembrance of the same exploit and the imprisoned king.

"Nothing," said Clarehaven, flicking his mount and calling to Dorothy to ride along with him to the Birdcage.

In company with two full-grown meerkats, we brought him to England; the trio being taken on board the steamer in a large birdcage.