Caged [verb]

Definition of Caged:

hold in enclosure

Synonyms of Caged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caged:

Sentence/Example of Caged:

I ask you now to play upon it; you refuse,  and she paced the room like a caged tigress.

So still was the place that the caged cricket hanging from the eaves of Um's distant room beat time like an elfin metronome.

In one such startled interval of waking her caged cricket had given out its plaintive cry.

Then does the soul grow weary, and restless as well; it is like unto a bird that is caged whose time for migration has come.

All the smoke went straight up into the sky, and several caged birds on the route were singing loudly outside their windows.

Either you three or we two must leave before the sun reaches meridian, or we shall go to fighting like caged tigers.

Her caged soul will struggle for light and companionship, blindly, vainly.

Gibbes has her caged in the next room, this one where I am now lying.

He was caged now, the one they hated, and the evil element were in high glee.

He blurted out his favorite expletive, lighted a new cigar, walked his room, and chafed like a caged tiger.