Carpenter [noun]

Definition of Carpenter:

person who works with wood

Synonyms of Carpenter:

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Sentence/Example of Carpenter:

Stewart and Carpenter are locked in a contentious battle for the District 2 Senate seat in Aroostook County.

When the McGill researchers scrutinized the development of carpenter ant embryos, however, they saw to their surprise that Hox proteins were appearing during the first nuclear divisions — far ahead of schedule.

In adult carpenter ants, the bacteria produce essential amino acids and play important roles in immunity.

Both cows and carpenter ants, for example, rely on bacterial partners in their digestive systems to help them get the most out of their food.

We had a few old-timers, guys in their seventies—a classic carpenter, an arborist, and a Vietnam vet—and these guys just wouldn’t back down.

Carpenter were the leaders, and this is claimed to have been the origin of Mechanics' Institutes.

American writers claim that the first pressed glass tumbler was made about 40 years back in that country, by a carpenter.

Strachan departed highly elated, and repaired to a carpenter shop, where he ordered ten rough coffins made.

The chief ambition of the great conqueror and legislator was to be a good boatswain and a good ship's carpenter.

The red comb on the top of his head has teeth like a carpenter's saw, and is so large it will not stand up straight.