Catechisms [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Catechisms:

The part, which was a formidable little volume, was just about twice as long as the Church catechism.

De white folks, ole missus, teached us de catechism, but dey didn't want you to learn to read and write.

What is the argument at present going on about taking the Shorter Catechism out of the schools?

Public catechism to the children, and religious instruction to all, flowed daily from the mouths of its venerable priests.

The Major thinks he sees his way out of the fire by sinking catechism in reminiscences.

He only repeated: "Let us have patience, and wait," with a feeling of relief from possible further catechism.

Richard is putting me through the longer catechism regarding those heath fires in August year, and the state of the woods.

I've been at seven schools before this, and everybody starts with the same catechism.

Gipsy had already told all she knew, so the fresh catechism only seemed to her like the probing of an old wound.

See the Assembly's Larger Catechism about aggravations of sin.