Conceptual [adjective]

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That forces you to refine your understanding, to revise your conceptual system.

Gender is just one aspect of identity that could influence topics, conceptual approaches and specific methodologies used in a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Nevo said even state-of-the-art flood forecasting had previously relied on hydrologic models that were based largely on maps of local topography and conceptual principles derived from physics.

Such conceptual difficulties are usually ignored by practicing physicists.

Understanding how to deal with this conceptual problem requires us to look at the theory in more detail.

Among the conceptual terms in the Aristotelian logic few play a more important part than those of substance and accident.

Is it not as arbitrarily lifted out of the living sentence as is the minimum conceptual element out of the word?

Were a language ever completely “grammatical,” it would be a perfect engine of conceptual expression.

The word sing cannot, as a matter of fact, be freely used to refer to its own conceptual content.

Both the phonetic and conceptual structures show the instinctive feeling of language for form.